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Recover In The Place You Love Most With Home Health Care Insurance

Home is where we feel safe, content, and close to the things we love. It’s been proven that senior citizens and people with disabilities recover faster when given professional medical care in the comfort of their own homes.

With home health care insurance, you can keep living in your most comfortable space as long as possible and receive the same amount of care you can get from nursing homes and hospitals. This plan is ideal for someone aging, managing chronic illnesses, needs assistance to live independently, has special needs, and is recovering from hospitalization.

More reasons to get home health care insurance:

  • Staying at home is more affordable than living in a nursing home far from your loved ones.
  • Home health insurance lets you heal and recover better because you are in your own environment surrounded by your family, and free of contagious viruses and infections.
  • Home health insurance plans cover the fees of in-home care services and the trained healthcare professional who will give the medical help and assistance you need.
  • Since home health insurance pays for someone to provide health care in your home, you can expect a one-on-one and more personalized service. You can also reduce the risk of unnecessary hospital visits.
  • Home health insurance promotes independence and allows patients to continue their everyday routine.

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We Have You Covered At Your Insurance Advisor

Time flies so fast. The earlier we prepare for our old age, the more likely we can minimize our financial burden and the stress we might bring to our families. At Your Insurance Advisor, we will guide you in applying for a home health insurance policy while you are younger so you can take advantage of lower premiums.

Home health plans can be confusing to shop for, given the many coverage types available. But don’t fret because our passionate agents are here to help you compare the benefits, services included, and cost of each before you sign on the dotted line.

Whether you need a personal companion to assist you in daily activities like bathing and dressing, a private nurse to help you manage a chronic illness, or a therapist to provide at-home rehabilitation services, you can rely on us to find the policy that best matches your situation.

Insure early! The sooner you get a home health insurance plan, the better. Fill out our quote form or call us at 573-355-4803. We serve clients in and around SERVICE AREAS HERE.